Primary School Ranking

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Primary School Ranking of top 20 Primary Schools in Singapore. List is based on the awards which each school has received since 2005.

Primary School Ranking

Every year, thousands of students enter into primary schools in Singapore. From June to September every year, parents took days off from their busy schedule to register their child into the Primary School of their choice. This is an event which is filled with much anxiety as parents vie with many other parents for limited vacancies, especially in much sought after Schools.

Primary School ranking is unavailable from our Ministry of Education (MOE) website as MOE does not rank Primary Schools. This has been a much sought after piece of information as parents would refer to this ranking list (or lack of) to choose which School they should register their child with. However, there are several websites which have provided an alternative ranking board to rank these Primary Schools. Below is one which is popular with parents in Singapore.

Top 21 Primary Schools
(in alphabetical order)

      • Ai Tong School
      • Catholic High School
      • CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School
      • Chongfu School
      • Gongshang Primary School
      • Henry Park Primary School
      • Kong Hwa Primary School
      • Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School
      • Maris Stella High School
      • Methodist Girls’ School
      • Nanyang Primary School
      • Pasir Ris Primary School
      • Pei Chun Public School
      • Radin Mas Primary School
      • Raffles Girls’ Primary School
      • Rosyth School
      • Rulang Primary School
      • St. Hilda’s Primary School
      • Tampines Primary School
      • Tao Nan School
      • Temasek Primary School

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The Primary School ranking is based on the type and number of awards which the respective Schools have received since 2005. These awards are presented to schools which have achieved excellence in areas such as academic, physical / aesthetics, character development and education best practices. MOE Awards are mainly classified in 3 main levels:

Primary School Ranking Awards
This is just one of the many ranking boards which are available. Of course, parents could also make your own assessments based on other factors such as proximity of the school to your home, non-academic interests which you think is important in developing your child’s character.

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